Dev. Diary #11

Hi everyone! We are back with our 11th devlog of Farmwand.

Starting this month, we have been alternating the update between the dev. dairies and our new video series “We are making Farmwand!”. For those who’ need to catch up, here is episode 1.

In this devlog we will show you episode 2 of this series with some new and very smart creatures, and of course a bit of new music for the game. We are also very excited to showcase some new props for Farmwand that will expand on its world and gameplay possibilities. Let’s start!

We’re Making Farmwand #2 : These wolves are getting smarter!

The world of Farmwand may seem peaceful and relaxing at first glance, full of cute animals, with green hills and fields of flowers…but there is danger around every corner for the bold explorer (or the overconfident farmer).

We have already shown one of the many dangerous creatures you may encounter during your trips across the lands of Farmwand, the mountain wolf. There are many different kinds of wolves in the game, each with their own unique abilities and features and now, thanks to the work we’ve been doing in recent weeks, they just got a whole lot smarter. Let’s see them in action, and let’s listen to a bit of the combat theme for Farmwand (composed by Sean McRoberts) in the newest episode of “We’re making Farmwand!

Through the use of custom made volume and line of sight sensors, dozens of custom AI behaviors (managed with the extremely useful NodeCanvas by Paradox Notion) and a quite complex RPG Framework developed entirely by us, these wolves can wander around, communicate, make strategies and give you chase until they…finally…get you.

Like we said in video, maybe they are a bit too smart. But don’t worry, you will be able to hide and defend yourself. And with the first showcases of defensive and offensive magic coming soon, you may even have the winning hand!

A lot of work is being put into the AI of the creatures of the game, to ensure that they not only react to you and your friends as you make your way through the world, but also to their environment, the weather and other creatures, all in order to make Farmwand truly come to life.


Not everything in Farmwand is (despite what the name suggests) about farming. As any good witch/wizard knows, crafting is a vital part of surviving in a world full of magic. There are many kinds of crafting in our game, from the very magical creation of potions using a cauldron, to the hands on creation of…well…mostly everything else.

Fences, furniture, tools, magical devices and more have to be crafted following carefully researched blueprints, and to help you in these tasks comes the very handy Crafting table.

Toss a coin to your fountain

The Fountain of Frogs is one of many landmark structures you will find in the towns of Farmwand. And this one may be especially important, as it is ancient and mysterious. Some even say…magical.

With the frog guardians sitting around the water and protecting the pureness of its source, which one of them will grant your wishes?

Sources of water or horror

As a wizard you may have lots of ways to access all kinds of water source to irrigate your farmland. However, the wells are still a must to most townsfolk in their day-to-day life.

Though some of these wells may not be as functional as the other ones, and dark creatures may come to nest within these abandoned places. Be very careful when you are around them, and you may be a great help to both the dwellers of the underworld and the villagers.

In the next devlog we will finally show you the magical core of Farmwand through the spells system, as well as something that we have never talked about: gardening!

For those who love flowers and who want their home full of blossom, remember to come and check out if your favorite flowers are coming and of course tell us which flowers you wish to grow in Farmwand!

Until then, have a nice weekend.

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