Welcome to Farmwand! An upcoming fantasy / adventure RPG with a good dose of magic, farming and life-sim elements!

In Farmwand you will take the role of a young human-looking creature, a Saege, who can do all sorts of magic through spells, potions and a lot more.

Having just finished your education, you are ready to embark in the adventure of a lifetime as you settle down, meet the townsfolk & all kinds of magical creatures, make friends and rivals along the way and discover deep ancient mysteries, as a shadow from the distant past starts to show its ugly head again and threatens the peace of the land.

The World of Farmwand

Fresh out of the Southern Wizarding Academy and finally ready to face the world, you build your own wand, prepare your robes and reach the land where you’ll settle. Some potatoes here, a few mushrooms there… some chickens maybe? A cat for sure... the necessary ingredients for a potion or two and the broom of course… it’s time to make this new land your home!

The world of Farmwand is a rich land inspired by classical fairy tales full of enchanted forests, potions brewing under the moonlight, towns buzzing with merchants and travelers, magical creatures both friendly and hostile, as well as mysteries to uncover under every rock and around every corner.

A living world where most characters have stories to tell and your actions can change the way everyone interacts with you. Will you become best friends with the people in town, being a force of good and kindness? Or will you be a master of mischief, the source of all sorts of scary tales parents tell to their kids at night? The choice is yours to make!


  • Art Style : We are going for a unique children's storybook graphics style with original designs for all the creatures in the game.

  • Farming : Dozens of crops, flowers and animals to harvest, garden and care for, with a deep and rewarding magically enhanced farming system that allows for endless surprises.

  • Pets : There are all sorts of animals and magical creatures that can be kept as companions in our game. They can be trained, they can be fed, they can wear cute outfits and, of course, they can be hugged and petted!

  • Characters & Relationships : All sorts of creatures & characters, magical and non-magical to interact with. Build friendships, rivalries, fall in love and be an ally or foe of both individuals and factions that you cross paths with during your adventure. Tons of characters are ready to meet you, all with their own stories, wants and needs.

  • Customization : Both your character, your home and most of the accessories and items can be customized to your liking, so you can be who you wanna be.

  • Magic : Dozens of spells and potions to discover and master over the course of your adventure, to use in inventive ways to solve puzzles, help (or annoy) the people in town and even mix them for unexpected results. 

  • Combat & Hunting : The further away you get from home, the more dangerous and wild that the land will become. Grab your wand or a sword, prepare your bow and arrows for there are foes in every corner, and with our real-time magical-based combat you have to be ready to face them all!

  • Exploration : The world of Farmwand is vast and full of things to do. From mini-games all over town, special events and holidays, enchanted forests and dark caves and dungeons, you can see it all. If your destination is too far away, fly on your very own, customizable broom…but careful! They need to rest too!

  • Crafting & Trading : Gather resources and build new furniture, more efficient tools, powerful weapons and so much more. Maybe bring them to the market, get a good bargain!

  • A Deep Lore : A living world with its own culture, traditions, festivals and history to explore and take part of as the newest resident in town. Every faction and creature has more to them than it seems at first glance, and the most rewarding secrets await for the most curious of explorers!

  • Co-op : Want some help and company in the new place ? Connect with your friends or family to water your crops or fight monsters together either in local co-op or over a LAN.

  • Original Soundtrack : The soundtrack of our game has been composed by Sean McRoberts, it currently has all the core tracks and we plan on expanding it!

The game is in active development, which you can follow on our very own Discord server!